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can a great pyrenees kill a wolf

Young Great Pyrenees (up to about three years old) romp and jump with great vigor, and things can go flying, including people. Jump to Latest Follow ... That certainly occurs. We believe that our sheep are safer from predation when they are out bush with us and guarded by livestock guardian dogs than they would be at home in most Canadian sheep farmers’ fields. Girls were chased off of the block three times over a two-day period. The bear left during the night and next morning we all just went back to our sheep veg. Here are some interesting facts about the Great Pyrenees… Ben was so traumatized by that bear experience that he quit the silviculture industry and got a job as a fashion model in Indonesia. Jump to Latest Follow ... That certainly occurs. Some of us have Great Pyrenees Mountain Dogs as pets. Most owners shear them annually. I think this dog is great. ), In the case of silvicultural workers, I think that one livestock guardian dog per plantation would do the job, but a pair would be much better. Great Pyrenees are adults at 1 year of age but can take up to 2 years to mature. The BC silviculture industry lost another good man to bears. Pyrs have been serving as guardians for their flocks for thousands of years. In fact, these dogs are said to be about the same size as the European grey wolf! Everybody felt foolish. I have seen some Pyrenees guarding sheep flocks on the prairies, while living completely “off the land”, catching and eating gofers, mice and rabbits. They are thought to be descended from large flock guardian dogs that were used in Asia beginning around 10,000 years ago. is a property of Mandatory Media, LLC, monitoring_string = "5200e30beed193e5fe31f8bccc2bdcbf". They are all excellent, but I feel that some of these breeds are much more suitable for the job of guarding silvicultural workers than others. They don’t care. The dogs worked all night, full alert, deadly serious, fearless guardians doing their job. You will be amazed at just how much protection there is in a Great Pyr! However, IMNSHO, there is not a dog alive, of any breed that could single-handed stand off wolf packs you describe. We were about to jump into the truck and race away when those two monsters simply changed directions and casually wandered away when they felt like it. We were at camp and all of our dogs were with the sheep flock when these two giants started casually walking towards us. The saying goes: an off-leash pyr is a disapyr. Here is the story of a family pet that defended its family against a Bear attack. They kill wolves and they kill … When training livestock guardian dogs to guard your workers against bear attack, it really is not as complicated as most people would think. Tiger put a stop to that about half way through the shearing process. Don’t keep food in your tent, don’t go up to them for a better photo, and do trust your “sixth sense”: if you feel like you are in danger, you probably are. Reproduction by any means is prohibited without specific written permission. When all of the Pyrenees dogs that we have owned and raised lye down, they flop down loud and hard every time. Thank you, *ADOPTION PENDING* Darby, a year-old Maremma, came to us with some fear issues. I've always thought it was interesting that… Wolves are much less tolerant of being touched by unfamiliar humans than most dogs are. Nov 06, 20 06:18 PM. Then, one of his pack mates mouthed off about his bad hair cut and a major dog fight exploded. I usually purchase mine for $400 to $600 per pup, and since they can work for about 8 or 9 years, I see them as one of the great bargains of today. Males stand 27 to 31 inches tall and weigh 110 to 130 pounds, while females stand 26 to 31 inches tall and weigh 95 to 115 pounds, but in the US, many specimens are significantly larger than the sizes listed in the official breed standard. The great pry we used to have would attack coyotes without a second of hesitation, they are fearless. As pets and show dogs, we know the Great Pyr well. They are especially dangerous to children. I remember a story on here about a bobcats terrifying someones dog or something along the lines of that. You don’t really have to bother teaching them much, the guarding comes naturally, but some things that seem really obvious, I had to learn the hard way. The Club thanks Mr. Dennis Loxton, the Western Silvicultural Contractors' Association and BC Forest Safety Council for granting express permission to reproduce the following article for the benefit of visitors to our site. S and H) in case bears came. Socialization from an early age is essential. The fight exploded right in front of another shepherd and myself. Two of the dogs were able to hold back the snarling grizzly, lunging and ducking the bear’s swatting claws, until the other guardian dogs arrived. Kangals have been known to kill bobcats. But you are smarter than bears, so use your brain! It is all about the “hassle factor.”. Livestock guardian dog (LGD) breeds love to have an outside job to do and also love to be part of the family. However, things were still not perfect regarding bears. These are livestock guardian dogs, and their purpose is to protect livestock animals from large predators. They could simply attach themselves to a dog, and they wouldn't be able to move if they were fully dug in. No sooner had they arrived than the bear attacked yet again, charging straight up the road towards where shepherd girl Lesley was frozen in fear. Many of them are already spoiled by easy food from sloppy campers, fishermen, and garbage dumps, and some are even problem town bears relocated to your work site by your Government. On one of our sheep veg. The obvious lesson I learned was that I needed more dogs, one for camp and others for the work sites. He dropped his new stainless steel shovel, jumped over a small cliff and ran back to the truck, yelling into his radio the whole time. Then they got vexed and regardless of the pain, tore that porcupine to bits. We are working on this and is to be continued by his new people. Fully grown bobcats would probably destroy most domestic dogs on the planet. It’s best to avoid that kind of distraction from his job. I believe that nobody should be asked to work in silviculture in the forests of BC without a guard dog, and that livestock guardian dogs should be accepted as a standard silvicultural tool on all BC reforestation projects. Almost all cougars that come so close to human civilization are young or sub adult cougars...Adult Males have huge home ranges and actively avoid where humans are. It will not stop until the danger is past and that the speed and viciousness of the response will absolutely shock them. We feed our dogs once per day and always before we eat our supper. They clearly were not afraid of us whatsoever. But last week, while on a jaunt into the mountains north of Emmett, the 200-pound Great Pyrenees was brought down by at least one wolf. A hawk can take a chicken before your Pyrenees can notice if … What wolf? 7 months ago. More traits and characteristics of the Great Pyrenees. If buying dog food, better formulations from middle-of-the-road brands are good enough. I think that it is beyond the capability of any dog to sort out the bandits from the legitimate clients in the BC forest industry. Unlike many other dog-owning homes, we can't just ‘decide' to get a … However, they never show that side of their character unless the situation requires that response. Plus with their reflexes, and agility you know they'd be the first one to get to the vital points. They are quiet otherwise. If you think that buying and caring for dogs is too much trouble, I suggest you just look at it as though the next silvicultural worker to be killed may be you—and then decide whether getting a few dogs is worth the extra effort or not. Answer by Arnold Carilo Anytype of tall bulldog mix, mastiff/mastiff mix, great dane, pitbull can kill a wolf. They put one dog on the puma once the dog gets hurt they send another dog. mgmt. There have been several times that I’ve seen their floofy booties happily trotting off. Great Pyrenees don’t have much use for training. When he comes running at you he looks strange and very scary. DOB: March 30, 2019 This big white fluffy––Maremma maybe Retriever cross––came, Tucker is a 2 year old Great Pyrenees who is a wonderful pet. The Komondor is also a large and very serious guardian dog breed. Yodel was right about the Great Pyrenees being bred a herd and home guardians. Finally, you can avoid some negative traits by training your Great Pyrenees to respect you and by following the 11-step care program in my book, 11 Things You Must Do Right To Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy. The cougar even kills a dogo. The pups are an LDG cross – primarily Great Pyrenees. I remember when Apache (mix Anatolian/Chow/Lab/Wolf) was still alive and walking with me in the pasture. Last year I had a reminder of how little some silvicultural workers know about bears. When a bear comes and the guardian dogs take off after it, the herding dogs get involved too, so the bear is confronted by a dog pack of about a dozen barking, snarling dogs. I feel that the speech is always worthwhile anyway. A federal Wildlife Services trapper confirmed the wolf kill based on tracks and damage to the dog’s body. Then we went further north and saw the size of the northern grizzlies, and encountered packs of 12 wolves. caught up in then and form a type of natural fang proof armor. Great Pyrenees dogs were developed in the 15th and 16th centuries in the mountains between Spain and France to protect sheep and goats from the wolves -- … The grizzly was right there, sprinting straight at him, almost on top of him. We had 50 working dogs at the time. The Kuvasz is also a very impressive dog, but more of an athlete, burning up more energy and so eating more food. But at the heart of all Pyrs lies a true guardian. Discussion in 'Mayberry Lounge' started by Cuzcatlan, ... And still if forced to fight a big alpha male wolf (with that look in teh eyes lol) will probably kill them And the chances that a wolf have against a mountain lion are very low. Renee Legro, who was 33 at the time of the 2008 attack, was mauled by two Great Pyrenees dogs in the mountains near Vail, Colorado while participating in a mountain bike race. The puppy accepts that the lambs are his new litter mates and grows up with them. Otherwise, it is too easy for them to seriously hurt or even kill a small, unsuspecting dog. They are very fast (much faster than you), very strong (they can kill a moose), silent, and invisible (they can sneak up and catch a deer, which is all ears and eyes). Some Pyrenees can be overly aggressive, especially with strange dogs and other animals. In contrast to the Great Pyrenees, the Karakachan dog of Bulgaria has been known to chase a wolf away from the flock for nearly a mile and a half. We've had him since he was 12 weeks old and are absolutely amazed by how quickly he was able to work, This beautiful young year-old Maremma needs to have his confidence built up. Since chickens are small and fragile, your Pyrenees must learn from an early age that she must be gentle with them. Renee Legro, who was 33 at the time of the 2008 attack, was mauled by two Great Pyrenees dogs in the mountains near Vail, Colorado while participating in a mountain bike race. He barely pulled through, but by the next summer he was his normal happy, tough self and back at work. Save a Great Pyr. Another huge battle erupted and the dogs chased the bear back into the forest again. At the truck they decided that since we had finished the job, except for the two plots Ben had left to do, we should all go back to Ben’s section together (safety in numbers theory) retrieve Ben’s shovel, do the two plots, then go home. He has been officially adopted! Out flies a guinea guarding her keets and flying right at my head with all claws out. Well, that’s contracting. Great Pyrenees fend off timberwolf pack and kill one of them… Turkish kangal are called specialised wolf killers in their homeland… Lying down. Not less than two dogs, and 3-6 being even better. The article provides great insight into the lives of Great Pyrs as livestock guardian dogs. A colleague named Ben was at the opposite end. On another cut block in the Stewart area, we were visited by 8 individual grizzly bears in a one week period. Tiger did actually tree a black bear for the film crew, but he was only playing and wagging his tail the whole time. And some of us have seen the Pyr in action as livestock guardian dogs on the farm or have seen the guarding instinct as it protects the home and family. Soon, Daniel was jogging along after the sheep—making him the last animal in line. Lesley jumped into the safety of the flock. They vary in color from pure white to pure black and every shade of brown and gray inbetween. I think that they are marvelous workers and my shepherds definitely like them on their work site. Please help us reduce their misery. Others have Great Pyrs as working dogs. We used to think that a pack of three guardian dogs was ample for bears. Tucker is a 2 year old Great Pyrenees who is a wonderful pet. So of course many of us have given the Pitbull a reputation of being the best fighting dog and Pitbulls are known to take out any known dog breed in a dogfight. A major battle exploded right behind Daniel as he pushed his way into the safety of the flock. I saw some (rookie) tree planters walk up too close to a large black bear to “get a better photo.” Bear information and bear avoidance lectures became a standard part of our tree planter training program from then on. Is it safe to neuter a 5-year old male? I think my previous article was a little too full of fluff, and not enough 'straight to the point'. The dogs were able to drive the bear back into the forest and the dog pack took up their defensive positions all around the flock again. Great Pyrenees have a reputation as great livestock guardian dogs. When the second lamb is born, they put the puppy beside the newborn lamb when the ewe is not looking and (usually) she can be tricked into thinking that she gave birth to the puppy. “You think you’ll react in a situation like that,” Daniel recalled, “but it happened so fast. Regarding the feeding of guardian dogs, commercial dog food is the simplest, but in a camp situation, camp scraps are usually ample. Warning shots did not work either. Supervise your boy when he is with the birds. They work well as individuals, but better in pairs. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. ("I've got a wolf that weighs 160 pounds, Don't I have a huge dick!") 150lb Great Pyrenees kill by young cougar. It would be as if someone added a giant rabbit into some scenes in Gladiator . Thank you. Once a Great Pyrenees gets his adult coat (around 6-8 months), weekly brushings are essential. The cooks were angry with me for taking the dog to the block, and demanded “their” dog back. 150lb Great Pyrenees kill by young cougar.

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