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petrography of charnockite

cursory attention is given to charnockite petrography. Geological Survey of Nigeria, Kaduna, pp 93–102, Omitogun AA, Caby R, Debat P (1991) Le métamorphism Pan-African de la partie centrale de la zone mobile du Nigéria. We also appreciate the editorial guidance and the invaluable suggestions of Roberto Braga. Precambrian Res 87:65–74, Dada SS (2006) Proterozoic evolution of Nigeria. J Afr Earth Sci 9(2):227–234, Dada SS, Tubosun IA, Lancelot JR, Lar AU (1993) Late Archaean U-Pb age for the reactivated basement of northeastern Nigeria. Geological Survey of Nigeria, Kaduna, pp 111–125, Odeyemi IB, Rahaman MA (1992) Petrology of a composite syenite dyke in Igarra, southwestern Nigeria. A comparative study was performed on the petrography, geochemistry and geochronology of charnockite and granulite in the Xiwulanbulang (XWLBL) area, northern margin of the North China Craton, NW China. Precambrian Res 307:125–136. Geochemical features of the GC, such as high Rb/Sr (average 1.80) and Ba/Sr ratios (average values > 6), are considered as evidence for crustal reworking in their genesis, suggesting remelting of a quartzo-feldspathic (TTG) source, within the plagioclase stability fields. PubMed Google Scholar. Copyright © 2020 Elsevier B.V. or its licensors or contributors. Petrography and Geochemistry of Dolerite Dykes at Gingee Area, Villupuram District, Tamilnadu, India M ... charnockite terrain the migmatite complex is made up of hornblende-biotite gneiss, pink augen gneisses and pink migmatite with younger intrusions of Tindivanam and Gingee Granites (2250 Ma) and basic . Glob J Geol Sci 1(2):113–127, Olobaniyi SB, Annor AE (2003) Petrology and age implication of ultramafic schist in the Isanlu area of the Isanlu-Egbe Schist Belt, southwestern Nigeria. Gondwana Res 23:701–714. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Ocan OO (1990) The petrology of rocks around Idanre area, southwestern Nigeria. The mafic rocks are pyribolite and less common pyriclasite. J Geophys Res 112:B03211., Okonkwo CT, Ganev VY (2015) Geochemistry and geochronology of orthogneisses in Bode Saadu area, southwestern Nigeria and their implications for the Palaeoproterozoic evolution of the area. Akin Jinad & Co, Ibadan, pp 45–70, Olobaniyi SO (2003) Geochemistry of semi-pelitic schist of Isanlu area, Southwestern Nigeria: implication for the geodynamic evolution of the Egbe–Isanlu schist belt. Inclusions within garnet in the charnockite are used to identify the mineral assemblage in the granulite during peak metamorphism. J Min Geol 35(1):1–7, Olarewaju VO (2006) The charnockitic intrusives of Nigeria. Geol Soc Amer Spec Paper 230:145–158, Caby R, Boessé JM (2001) Pan-African nappe system in Southwest Nigeria: the Ife-Ilesha schist belt. Petrography and geochemistry of Neoproterozoic charnockite–granite association and metasedimentary rocks around Okpella, southwestern Nigeria. In: Oluyide PO, Mbonu WC, Ogezi AEO, Egbuniwe IG, Ajibade AC, Umeji AC (eds) Precambrian geology of Nigeria., Rajesh HM (2008) Petrogenesis of two granites from the Nilgiri and Madurai blocks, southwestern India: implications for charnockite–calc-alkaline granite and charnockite–alkali (A-type) granite link in high-grade terrains. Am J Sci 313:517–539, Costa FG, Klein EL, Lafon JM, Milhomem Neto JM, Galarza MA, Rodrigues JB, Naleto JLC, Corrêa Lima RG (2018) Geochemistry and U–Pb–Hf zircon data for plutonic rocks of the Troia Massif, Borborema Province, NE Brazil: evidence for reworking of Archean and juvenile Paleoproterozoic crust during Rhyacian accretionary and collisional tectonics. Inter J Emerging Trends Eng Dev 2(2):35–46, Jimoh OA, Ariffin KS, Hussin HB, Habeeb AA (2016) Characterization and assessment of Okpella metacarbonate deposit in Nigeria. In: Pankhurst RJ, Trouw RAJ, Brito Neves BB, De Wit MJ (eds.) Rendiconti Soc Italiana Mineralogia Petrologia 43(2):543–554, Hubbard FH, Whitley JE (1978) Rapakivi granite, anorthosite and charnockitic plutonism. Propose a new classification scheme for charnockites of the Kerala Khondalite belt. J Petrol 42:2033–2048, Garcia MGM, Santos TJS, Amaral WS (2014) Provenance and tectonic setting of Neoproterozoic supracrustal rocks from the Ceará Central Domain, Borborema Province (NE Brazil): constraints from geochemistry and detrital zircon ages., Adetunji A, Olarewaju VO, Ocan OO, Macheva L, Ganev VY (2018) Geochemistry and U-Pb zircon geochronology of Iwo quartz potassic syenite, southwestern Nigeria: constraints on petrogenesis, timing of deformation and terrane amalgamation. Earth Sci Rev 11:1–12, Thomas RJ, Eglington BM, Bowring SA, Retief EA, Walraven F (1993) New isotope data from a Neoproterozoic porphyritic granitoid-charnockite suite from Natal, South Africa. Inter J Adv Geosci 5(2):102–108., Caby R (1989) Precambrian terrane of Benin-Nigeria and Northeast Brazil and Proterozoic Atlantic fit barks., Elueze AA (1988) Geology of the Precambrian Schist Belt in Ilesha area, southwestern Nigeria. In: Oluyide PO, Mbonu WC, Ogezi AEO, Egbuniwe IG, Ajibade AC, Umeji AC (eds) Precambrian geology of Nigeria. Episodes 43(1):203–230, Laurent O, Martin H, Moyen JF, Doucelance R (2014) The diversity and evolution of late-Archean granitoids: evidence for the onset of “modern-style” plate tectonics between 3.0 and 2.5 Ga. Lithos 205:208–235, Le Maitre RW (2002) Igneous rocks: a classification and glossary of terms., Ajibade AC, Fitches WR (1988) The Nigerian Precambrian and the Pan-African orogeny. The study highlights petrography, modal based geochemistry, shears and joints of the area. In: Lentz DR (ed.) Elizabethan Publ. Geocarto Inter:1–21. Ponnani College, Kerala–679 586, India. By continuing you agree to the use of cookies., Ikoro DO, Okereke CO, Agumanu AE, Isreal HO, Ekeocha NE (2012) Geochemistry of the calc-silicate rocks of Igarra, southwestern Nigeria. They are silicic (> 63 wt% SiO2), metaluminous to peraluminous, high-K calc-alkaline, ferroan, post-collisional granitoids. Inter Geol Rev 56(4):481–500. The Neoproterozoic charnockite–granite association of Okpella intrudes metasedimentary and migmatite-gneiss complex rocks in the eastern Igarra Schist Belt, southwestern Nigeria. In: Oluyide PO, Mbonu WC, Ogezi AEO, Egbuniwe IG, Ajibade AC, Umeji AC (eds) Precambrian geology of Nigeria. Petrogenesis of charnockites is related to intra-crustal melting processes. e in Niikappu Ri. 2.1 Ga)., Pearce JA, Harris NB, Tindle AG (1984) Trace element discrimination for the tectonic interpretation of granitic rocks. Charnockite and related neosome development in the Eastern Ghats, Orissa, India: petrographic evidence - Volume 75 Issue 3 - Adrian F. Park, B. Geol Soc Amer Bull 101:635–643, Martignole J (1979) Charnockite genesis and the Proterozoic crust. Mineral Soc Amer Rev Mineral 21:169–200, McLennan SM, Bock B, Hemming SR, Hurowitz JA, Steven ML, McDaniel DK (2003) The roles of provenance and sedimentary processes in the geochemistry of sedimentary rocks. West Gondwana: pre-Cenozoic correlations across the South Atlantic region. It may also contain sillimanite and graphite. J Geol Soc India 94:9–22. In: Belliere J, Duchesne JC (eds) Geologie des domaines cristallins. Geol Rundsch 70(3):897–909, Odeyemi IB (1988) Lithostratigraphy and structural relationships of the Upper Precambrian metasediments in Igarra area, southwestern Nigeria. Accessory minerals are allanite, zircon, titanite (sphene), … In contrast to the well-known phenomena of arrested charnockitization, the geochemical characteristics and petrogenesis of these ortho-granulite suites remain poorly studied, leaving geodynamic models envisaged for the KKB highly conjectural. Nigeria. The authors profoundly appreciate the insightful comments of Felipe Grandjean da Costa which helped to clarify and strengthen the interpretations in this paper. Acta Geochim 38:734–752., Goodenough KM, Lusty PAJ, Roberts NMW, Key RM, Garba A (2014) Post-collisional Pan-African granitoids and rare metal pegmatites in western Nigeria: age, petrogenesis, and the ‘pegmatite conundrum’. Arabian Journal of Geosciences Correspondence to Petrography is a branch of petrology that focuses on detailed descriptions of rocks.Someone who studies petrography is called a petrographer.The mineral content and the textural relationships within the rock are described in detail. ScienceDirect ® is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V. ScienceDirect ® is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V. Petrology and geochemistry of charnockites (felsic ortho-granulites) from the Kerala Khondalite Belt, Southern India: Evidence for intra-crustal melting, magmatic differentiation and episodic crustal growth. Int J Geosci 3:1065–1073. Contrib Miner Petrol 147:346–362, Rajesh HM (2007) The petrogenetic characterization of intermediate and silicic charnockites in high-grade terrains: a case study from southern India. The chemical composition of the most abundant minerals is in table 1. The geochemical features of the felsic ortho-granulite suite, substantiated with published geochronological data on members of the TC, GC, and AC suites, suggest a four-stage crustal evolution of the KKB. Precambrian Res 114:199–219, Fitches WR, Ajibade AC, Egbuniwe IG, Holt RW, Wright JB (1985) Late Proterozoic schist belts and plutonism in NW Nigeria. Earth Planet Sci Lett 10:29–38, Harlov DE, Van Den Kerkhof A, Johansson L (2012) TheVarberg–Torpa Charnockite–Granite Association, SW Sweden: mineralogy, petrology, and fluid inclusion chemistry. The TC is also characterized by positive to slightly negative europium anomalies (Eu/Eu* = 0.7 to 1.67). Kanimozhi and Selvaraj , IJCRD 2017,Vol :5 (2) 22- 29 23 dykes (Proterozoic). In order to unravel the complex processes involved in the formation and tectonic evolution of the Igarra Schist Belt during the Neoproterozoic, detailed field, petrographic and whole-rock geochemical study of the charnockite… J Afr Earth Sci 129:1–16, Watkins JM, Clemens JD, Treloar PJ (2007) Archaean TTGs as sources of younger granitic magmas: melting of sodic metatonalites at 0.6–1.2 GPa. Inzwischen wurde nachgewiesen, dass zumindest ein Teil der Charnockite auf metamorphe Prozesse zurückzuführen sind. Inter Geol Rev 62(2):129–152., Okunlola OA, Okoroafor RE (2009) Geochemical and petrogenetic features of schistose rocks of the Okemesi fold belt, Southwestern Nigeria. University of Calabar Press, Ekwueme BN, Kalsbeek F (2014) U-Pb geochronology of metasedimentary schists in Akwanga area of northcentral Nigeria and its implications for the evolution of the Nigerian Basement Complex. Petrography. Inter J Environ Earth Sci 4(11):544–548, Adetunji A, Olarewaju VO, Ocan OO, Ganev VY, Macheva L (2016) Geochemistry and U-Pb zircon geochronology of the pegmatites in Ede area, southwestern Nigeria: a newly discovered oldest Pan African rock in southwestern Nigeria. The charnockite patches that occur within leptynite host, in and around Jenapore, northern sec- tor of the Eastern Ghats granulite belt, are disposed in a linear fashion and generally have sharp lithological contact with the host leptynite. Recommendations of the IUGS sub-commission on the systematics of igneous rocks. We use cookies to help provide and enhance our service and tailor content and ads. J Afr Earth Sci 15:177–190. Earth Sci Malaysia 2(1):29–36. Nature 327:503–506, Frost BR, Barnes CG, Collins WJ, Arculus RJ, Ellis DJ, Frost CD (2001) A geochemical classification for granitic rocks. Mat Geoenv 66(3):173–184. The granites probably originated from mixed melts derived from lower- to mid-crustal tonalites-trondhjemites-granodiorites and/or subducted metagreywackes and mantle-derived magmas (probably the charnockitic melt and/or its progenitor)., Patiño Douce AE (2005) Vapor-absent melting of tonalite at 15–32 kbar. Two sets of conjugate shear system are observed. Contrib Mineral Petrol 154:591–606. Am Mineral 68:277–279, Krӧner A, Ekwueme BN, Pidgeon RT (2001) The oldest rocks in West Africa: SHRIMP zircon age for early Archean migmatitic orthogneiss at Kaduna, northern Nigeria. Precambrian Res 334:105478., Rahaman MA (1976) Review of the Basement Geology of southwestern Nigeria. 2017, 2018) and the Cenozoic, 94. garnet-orthopyroxene tonalit. Geological Survey of Nigeria, Kaduna, pp 11–43, Rahaman MA, Ajayi TR, Oshin IO, Asubiojo FOI (1988) Trace element geochemistry and tectonic setting of Ile-Ife schist belt. Khondalite is found in the Eastern Ghats between Vijayawada and Cuttack in India. minerals like the pyroxenes from the different members of the charnockite group in the elucidation of their petrogenesis. J Min Geol 39:1–9, Oluyide PO (1988) Structural trends in the Nigerian basement. The protoliths of the TC are interpreted as being derived from partial melting of thickened oceanic-arc crust composed of Archaean mafic composite source rocks (i.e., eclogite and/or garnet amphibolite) with a garnet amphibolite residue. Present Adress: Dept. In: Rudnick RL (ed) The crust. Petrografia e Geoquímica do Complexo Charnockítico de Aimorés: Um Exemplo de Plutonismo Pós-orogênico do Cinturão Araçuaí/Ribeira =Petrography and Geochemistry of the Aimorés Charnockitic Complex: An Example of Post-orogenic Plutonism of the Araçuaí/Ribeira Belt

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