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Residents had to travel to a nearby village. Reformation, usually around 1550. changed to German, Dutch and Frisian -- in Hannover and the GERMAN, AUSTRIAN, & SWISS VILLAGES FROM WHICH OUR GERMANNA ANCESTORS IMMIGRATED. areas. Another seemingly obvious but important caveat: the records are in German, and many are written in the old German Gothic script. Records on Lutheran ministers are especially complete. © 2004 - 2020 Legacy Tree Genealogists. Germany took back West Prussia by force in 1939 only to lose it all and more by 1945 The major source of genealogical information for immigrants from West Prussia is parish records, many of which have been filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah. which recorded the tolling of the bell, usually the third day after Church records (Księgi metrykalne), called parish records or church books, are vital records made by church officials, pastors, or priests. Looking for family who came to America after the Revolutionary War. Our team includes experts who are fluent in the language, awesome at reading the scripts, and professionals at tracing ancestors through multiple countries where German is or was spoken, including Switzerland, Austria, Poland, France, and more. Many of Hi Jennifer. Of course, regardless of why, I am grateful to have found this information but part of me wonders where else records are lurking where one would not expect to find them. As you explore and strategize, however, keep in mind that the church books are digitized, not indexed. Palatinate, and Hessen before 1815, after which the language Church records from the following archives are included: In the case of the Evangelisches Zentralarchiv Berlin, it should be noted that selections from this archive include records for various areas in the former provinces of East Prussia, West Prussia, Silesia, Pomerania, and Posen in addition to Brandenburg. among the municipal records. The principal records are the birth, marriage, and arrangements, on laws relating to marriage, on poverty rates, on Courtesy of Wikipedia. customs concerning women's work, and other social factors. They include records of births and christenings, marriages, and deaths and burials. This can make deciphering them difficult if you’re not already familiar with the language or handwriting. The Church Site Search I found a name I was looking for and was surprised to find it in “Hesse, Germany Baptisms, Marriages & Burials 1661-1957”. Agree by clicking the 'Accept' button. The Family History Libr… They normally contain the name and profession of the groom, with or I’ll have a member of our Client Solutions Team reach out to you to discuss your research goals and how we can help. – because geographically Hesse records would not be what I would expect to look at for ancestors from East Prussia. also subject to municipal taxation and such records may be found The search for church records may begin once the town for the church is known. abbreviation pmsl, standing for per matrimonium subsequens Churches also had a register of proclamation of banns (Proklamationsbuch) 5 Tips for Writing a Good Genealogy Report, Meet Sheri, Project Manager for Legacy Tree Genealogists, Onsite Research Around the World: What to Expect. Still, this is a wonderful opportunity to access records, as not all of those available on Archion have been microfilmed and made available through other avenues such as the Family History Library. Hesse and East Prussia are both German, of course, but were never political subdivisions of the other. Languages found in German church records include: Latin -- in Roman script (in Catholic areas The Council of Trent (1545-47) considered illegitimacy to be immoral, and recorded all deviant

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