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It happened last year, when I was interviewing for a UX writing position. It’s a super-easy way to annotate an image with arrows, text, and simple shapes. A portfolio is a collection of your writing samples, usually viewable online. You will… Workshop copy and get feedback from a first-class team of UX writers Does Every Team Have a UX Writer? (Or at least get some trip insurance if you do.). Like regular flossing, it’ll pay off in the long run. Express an opinion when asked, but be gentle. Almost every company I interviewed with asked me to complete an at-home writing exercise. Sep 25, 2020. Report this job; Company Description. ); others might ask you to create an entire content strategy for a new feature area. 3. What this is and why it’s valuable John adds that applying via a referral can sometimes help you “get a faster response from the company.” UX designer Arthur Che says it’s a “huge bonus to be referred by someone I know.” As UX writing becomes a more valued and sought-after skill, a referral can carry considerable weight. By making your content scannable, you help customers get to the words they need in the fastest way possible. Hi, I’m Niklas Nordlof. And lastly, a plug to #steeryourcareer My Dropbox colleague and UX writing superstar, John Saito, introduced me to Skitch. I chose the Sketch theme because it looked most like a designer’s portfolio, masonry grid and all. Le poids des mots est important dans le métier d’UX Writer. UX writers have to be scrappy, and work well in a truly agile environment. Follow our publication, Twitter, and Dribbble. Who hires UX writers? Here are a few tips. And there you have it. By choosing words that people most commonly use in online searches, you’re showing customer empathy by writing “in their own words.”. Just like a resume, a portfolio is a reflection of you as a UX writer. Showing the way is leading the way But don’t take my word for it. Instead of long paragraphs, list your accomplishments using short phrases and bulleted lists so readers can quickly pick up the main points. Get a little personal. Bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and keep your files safe. Here’s an example of UI text run through Hemingway. Article — Process & Practice Take back your day with a meeting manifesto. When you can’t test your content in front of real users, does that mean it’s not valuable? What does it take to be a UX writer? Get a Great UX Writing Book A great choice is Nicely Said: Writing for the Web with Style and Purpose by Nicole Fenton and Kate Kiefer Lee. If you make it short and sweet, you’re showing a love of brevity, which is an important UX writing principle. Before last year, I didn’t have a portfolio. Sep 25, 2020. If not, you can show a range of different explorations, and then mark the option that matches most closely to your company’s style guide. Here’s an example of making content more scannable. How to design words. By learning grace under pressure, you can show your openness to receiving feedback and your strength as a collaborator. And by relevant, I mean UX writing experience — make sure it’s front and center. The magic of microcopy. Dropbox • San Francisco, California USA. Jennie Tan is a UX writer who crafts UI text, microcopy, transactional emails, tooltips, and error messages for Dropbox's desktop, web, and mobile surfaces. Star the things you’re proud of.” It is so much easier to archive your work when it’s still fresh in your memory, rather than looking for a needle in a content haystack months later. __, *A big thank you to Andrea Drugay and Justin Tran for their contributions to this article! UX writing is a relatively young discipline, so there really isn’t a standard job title for it. The UX writing group here is small but mighty, and I’m thrilled to be a member! For my portfolio, I use In some places, UX writers work directly with developers. What this is and why it’s valuable Rewrite short paragraphs as bulleted lists. Get energized beforehand — do some cardio, eat an energy bar, meditate, whatever it takes to get amped. Niklas Nordlof is a UX Writer at Dropbox in San Francisco. Let’s do a happy dance. Make that first impression count! , __How do you show the value of good UX writing? Not quite true. For my own resume, I created a custom version of this free Sketch template. A portfolio presentation is a live presentation of your writing portfolio to the interview team. Featured. The UX writer role is a new one, and one that many companies may not have clearly defined yet. “It’s not good to not have an opinion,” Roxy says, “but read the room to gauge how far to push it.” You are, after all, interviewing with experts.

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