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family burial plot laws

It is a time to remember and a time for joy – a time to enjoy good food, good friends, and some refreshing beverage as well. You can choose between purchasing a burial insurance or making all … (b) After a written waiver is recorded under subsection (a), the body of the individual in whose favor the waiver is made may be interred, entombed, or inurned in the family burial plot. They are twice the height of a liner box because they have two compartments to hold two people, one above the other. Burial grounds: guidance for managers - GOV.UK Skip to main content One of the greatest challenges of buying, selling, and transferring cemetery plot ownership is that state and local laws vary so greatly. IC 23-14-41-3 Holding of family burial plot Sec. They can work independently. Check the state’s laws. State law does not require the use of a casket, and an individual can build one or bring an alternative container they bought online. Is it possible to pre-plan a funeral in Utah? You will still have to fill out and sign a death certificate (with the help of a nurse or doctor) and file it with the county clerk’s or registrar’s office. Subscribe to Justia's Or they might simply purchase a row of plots to be reserved for their loved ones. If the dirt collapses around the grave, you’ll be grabbing a shovel again to do some more fill. If the person died with a contagious disease, there are rules concerning the treatment and disposition of the body. Cremated remains (cremains) are often cast to the wind in a funeral ceremony or placed in an urn where they can be displayed at home, buried in the ground, or placed in a monument. As used in this chapter, "burial plot" means the unit of space, consisting of one (1) or more: (1) grave spaces; (2) mausoleum crypts; (3) garden crypts; or (4) niches; originally conveyed by the cemetery and remaining after any transfers made by the record owner during the record owner's life. We are a national cemetery and home burial monument company that builds 100% personalized memorials for your private property. Home burials also offer the convenience of being close to home and reduce space-restrictions associated with a family plot in a cemetery. A coroner may also require embalming in certain circumstances. At the bottom of this page is a “State-by-State Home Burial Regulations” section where you can find a snapshot of the laws for your particular state. However, none of these laws should prevent you from carrying out your home burial plans in some form or another. Disposition must occur within a reasonable time, Funeral director must be hired to remove the body, file the death certificate, and handle the disposition of bodies with communicable disease, Embalming is prohibited for select diseases. Then you can ask very special acquaintances to help lower the body into the grave for a last farewell. In many cases, a family inherits cemetery plots that are no longer required and wish to sell their burial sites. It doesn’t necessarily have to be at your home. Rarely are caskets or other wrappings required for the body. These can include, requiring: Home Burials: YESFuneral Director Required: YESCheck Local Zoning Laws: YESEmbalming: Required only if you leave the statePreservation Time Requirements: NoneContagious Disease: Report to attending physician recommendedCremation: 24-hour wait time required, For more information, read the “Consumer Rights for Alabama” at, Home Burials Permitted: YESFuneral Director Required: NOCheck Local Zoning Laws: YESEmbalming: Required only if you leave the statePreservation Time Requirements: NoneContagious Disease: Some require physician’s advice. If a family burial plot has been established under section 3 of this chapter and all the living children and parents of the deceased record owner consent in writing, the status as a family burial plot may be terminated and the remaining lots may be transferred, conveyed, or sold to the cemetery owner or any other person designated in the agreement. Ask friends and family to say a prayer, read a eulogy, recite from a holy book, sing a song, talk about a specific incident that meant a lot to them. An affidavit that sets forth: (1) the fact of the death of the record owner of the burial rights in a family burial plot; and (2) the name of the individual or individuals who are entitled to use the family burial plot in accordance with this chapter; is complete authority to the cemetery to permit the use of the unoccupied portions of the family burial plot by the individual or individuals who are shown by the affidavit to be entitled to use the family burial plot. Finally, lay 3 tarps down next to the gravesite where you will put the dirt that you remove from the ground. The law led the burial of human remains to become a commercial business for the first time, replacing the traditional practice of burying the dead in churchyards and on private farmland. Each state has its own rules and regulations regarding home burials. They will have to be trimmed regularly, of course. For instance, one state may require that the body be embalmed while another state does not. By law, you own the body after death and, remaining mindful of your state’s laws, can move the body however you like. ( They are much smaller than those for a full body burial (as they only need to contain an urn, rather than a casket), and are far less pricey as well. It is common that families buy extra plots with the idea that children or others will decide to be buried in the family plot, but the children later decide otherwise. Phone (724) 770-0100 Disturbing a home burial ground is illegal. Many families choose to reserve private burial plots years in advance. Keep the layers separate when removing them so that the ecosystem can return to normal after you fill the grave back up. featuring summaries of federal and state A burial lot not specifically devised does not pass under a general or residuary devise, absent a statute. “Contagious, communicable, transmittable, or infectious diseases” ( are ones that are spread from one person to another through a variety of ways, including contact with blood and bodily fluids or breathing in an airborne virus. Establishing a family cemetery requires stringent work to conform with local and state regulations. It has local chapters throughout the United States that can offer you sound advice on home burials. As added by P.L.52-1997, SEC.15. Bodies must be buried in an established cemetery unless a special permit for a family burial plot is applied for. When a body is refrigerated, it only delays decomposition a couple days. They can say goodbye to the person who has passed away. The company COEIO ( promotes the tradition of natural burials - the way burials were done before the introduction of chemical embalming methods and non-biodegradable coffins. Some states require that dead bodies, under certain conditions, be cremated, and NOT be cremated under other circumstances. If you dispose of the body immediately, these diseases should cause no health problems. Lay the template on the ground and use a shovel to dig a border around it. If you are considering a home burial for a loved one, it is good to know that most states make it perfectly legal to take a body home from the hospital, nursing home, or other institution and bury it on your private property. (b) If there is no parent or child who survives the deceased record owner, the right of interment, entombment, or inurnment in a family burial plot shall go in order of need to: (1) the heirs at law of the deceased record owner, or the spouse of the heir if the heir is already interred, entombed, or inurned, as specified by the statutes of descent; or

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