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sterculiaceae family characteristics

Descriptions of family characteristics of the Sterculiaceae, Bombacaceae, and Malvaceae are very similar (Cronquist 1981; Heywood 1978), and mention is often made of the close rela-tionship among these families. throughout the family (Sterculiaceae s.s) and may. Comparisons of descriptions compiled for this package show Sterculiaceae differing from Malvaceae sensu stricto (q.v.) Rounded Shape. Rounded Shape. Species: 25 (approx.) Seed pod characteristics are imoportant in separating genera in the family. Sterculiaceae had previously been recognized as a family by most systematists; in its traditional sense the family includes about 70 genera, totalling around 1,500 species of tropical trees and shrubs. Sterculiaceae definition is - a large family of herbs, shrubs, or trees (order Malvales) distinguished mainly by the numerous monadelphous stamens and 2-celled anthers. Family: Malvaceae Previously listed in the Sterculiaceae family. This family has more than 217 genera and around 2,500 species. Yes, that's the new edition of Heywood, which chops Malvaceae sensu APG into about 12 families, including a narrow Sterculiaceae (and Helicteroideae becomes Helictereaceae and Durionaceae, and I think that Byttnerioideae is chopped into several families). vegetative; fruits fruits/seeds seeds-Cacao Processing-Is chocolate good for you? – amphianthus P: Genus Angelonia Humb. Growth Rate: 36 Inches per Year. Family: Sterculiaceae Trochetia Origin: Mauritius. Sterculiaceae A family of trees, shrubs, climbers, and herbs that have stellate hairs or scales. 3. Synonyms. Distribution: Found from Sierra Leone to Cameroon and northern Gabon, occupies mixed and dry deciduous forests and transitional forests. It differs from Malvaceae in stellate hairs, dithecous anthers and polyadelphous stamens. It is also allied to the family Elaeocarpaceae and hence Bentham and Hooker had included the latter in Tiliaceae. Possibly from old celtic or sanskrit words, 'sal'= near + 'lis'= water, refering to its prefered habitat.) Family: Salicaceae (Willow Family) (lat. The leaves are alternate and simple or infrequently palmately lobed or compound; stipules are present but they are shed early. Whitlock, B. comprising about 65 genera and 1,000 species that are further characterized by the Malvaceae, or the mallows, is a family of flowering plants estimated to contain 244 genera with 4225 known species. Trochetia parviflora is a very rare shrub from the Trochetia genus endemic to Mauritius. Sterculiaceae was a family of flowering plants: based on the genus Sterculia. Cola Schott & Endl. The perianth is commonly uniseriate, consisting of 3-5 valvate, basally connate 4. Genera are now placed in the family Malvaceae, in the subfamilies: Byttnerioideae, Dombeyoideae, Helicteroideae and Sterculioideae. The fruit is variable; sometimes the It is a good emulsion stabilizer for French style salad dressings. Medicinal uses of some species from family Sterculiaceae Plants from family Sterculiaceae have long been used as traditional medicine in several countries and tribes. Wilkie, P., Clark, A., Pennington, R. T., Cheek, M., Bayer, C. & Wilcock, C. C. (2006).Phylogenetic Relationships within the Subfamily Sterculioideae (Malvaceae/Sterculiaceae-Sterculieae) Using the Chloroplast Gene ndhF. It is allied to the mallow family (Malvaceae), to which the cotton plant belongs, and is characteristic of the tropics. The family Tiliaceae is related to Sterculiaceae in habit, leaves, stipules and androphore (Grewia). Some plants are shrubs and tree-like. Characteristics: Classification: Cover Crops: Culturally Significant ... Family: Sterculiaceae – Cacao family Genus: Ayenia L. – ayenia Species: Ayenia ardua Cristobal – wingstem ayenia Subordinate Taxa.

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